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     The Arab-Israeli conflict passed through different stages with each phase having its own distinct features. The last decade of the past century witnessed important developments with regards to the main actors in the conflicts, the Palestinians and Israelis. The next decade is crucial for deciding the track of the conflict; Is it going to be for a peaceful solution or will there be a reversal to armed struggle? In any case, many questions will be raised including:

1)        What have been the most important developments in Palestine since the Al-Aqsa Intifada and its consequences at the beginning of the political reform program in Palestine?  

2)        What are the strategic changes in the Israeli position towards conflict?

3)        How did the international changes affect UN after 11 September and what are their impacts on the Arab-Israeli conflict?

4)        Will this decade witness a final solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict?

5)        Are there new factors and implications affected the nature of the conflict on the Arab, Israeli, and international sides?

6)        What are the roles of the Arab and international parties concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict?

7)        What are the possible figures of conflicts in the current decade?

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