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Participants recognized the importance of addressing and analyzing possible scenarios to the Arab-Israeli conflict to be the cornerstone of the Arab and Islamic future.

It formulated many possible scenarios relating to the conflict,   discussing the challenges facing the Arab nation that may help in rearranging its priorities in combating the Zionistic dangers. These might also contribute to designing new approaches to manage the conflict, provide practical tools to the decision maker, and increase awareness.

Many crucial factors and perspectives were discussed through out the three days (27-29 November 2005) to achieve the goals of the conference. All of the participants presented significant and scientific papers. All recognized the necessity of drawing up plans to end the state of weakness and support resistance to the occupation.

The strategic vision of the conference was designed by the virtue of the fact that all participants were presented in the venue. The scientific committee drew the outlines of the primary draft with contribution from the working papers presented. Later, the consultants committee of 16 experts adopted the amendment draft, embracing a subjective methodology of most of the political and intellectual approaches presented. It was a gruelling task for it held two three-hour meetings for each. The committee continued to revise the plan of the scenarios to reach its ultimate aim in achieving a strategic vision and activate it on the ground.

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