Investment in Jordan:  Opportunities and Prospects


Amman, Jordan

July 17-18, 2001

ţConference Agenda


Day One

Tuesday, July 17, 2001


9:00 – 9:45                                      Opening Session


Mrs. Reem Badran, General Director of the Jordan Investment Board

Mr. Haidar Murad, President of the Amman Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Farouq Hadidi, General Director of the Jordan Export Development Corporation

Mr. Jawad Al-Hamad, General Director of the Middle East Studies Center


9:45 – 10:15                                         Break


10:15 – 12:15                                     First Session

Jordan and the Surrounding Environment:  Investment Climate


Chairwoman: Mrs. Reem Badran, General Director of the Jordan Investment
  1. International Competition and Partnership Agreements…A Study of the Situation in the Arab Region

         Dr. Qasim Al-Hamouri, Professor of Economics at Yarmouk University

  1. Jordanian Legislation…The Role of the State in Attracting Local and Foreign Investment

         Dr. Salah Al-Basheer Member of the Economic Consultative Council

  1. New Developments in the Legal Investment Environment in Jordan 

(QIZ’s), (ASEZ), (FTZ’s), etc.

         Mr. Imad Fakhouri, Commissioner of Investment Affairs and Economic

                       Development in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZ)


12:15 – 2:15                                    Second Session

Jordanian Economic Resources


Chairman: Mr. Muneer Souber, Former Minister of supply Ministry, Member of Parliament.

  1. Jordanian Natural Resources, Current Realities and Future Potentials

         Eng. Ismail Awamleh, Director of Startegic Planning, Phosphate Mines Jordainian Co.

  1. Jordanian Human Resources, Current Realities and Future Potentials

         Mr. Samih Qasim Al-Nasir, Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs

                                                         in the Civil Services Bureau

  1. Investment Infrastructure and Investment Culture & their Rolein Economic Development

         Mr. Jalil Tareef, Director of the Amman Stock Market

2:15- 5:00                                              Break


5:00 – 7:00                                      Third Session

Jordanian Economic Competitiveness


Chairman: Dr. Safwan Tuqan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the
                                                     Jordanian Phosphate Company
  1. Competitiveness of the Jordanian Economy in the Industrial Sector

          Mr. Ahmad al-Nimri, Economics Researcher

  1. Competitiveness of the Jordanian Economy in the Agricultural Sector

          Dr. Salim Boutrous, Professor of Agricultural Economics in the University

                                             of Applied Sciences

  1. Competitiveness of the Jordanian Economy in the Tourism Sector

         Dr. Khalid Muqabla, Professor of Administration in the University of

                                              Applied Sciences


Day Two

Wednesday July 18, 2001


9:00 – 11:00                                     Fourth Session

Opportunities and Prospects for Investment


Chairwoman:  Mrs. Tamam al-Ghoul, Minister of Social Development

1. Modern Industries and the Jordanian Economy

         Mr. Rabee’ Al-Dajani, General Director of the Administrative Consulting


2. The Role of Financial and Economic Policy in Promoting Investment

         Dr. Muhammad Abu Hamour, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Finance

3. The Role of the Banking Sector in Economic Development

         Dr. Marwan Al-Zu’bi, Jordanian Central Bank


11:00 – 11:30                                       Break


11:30 – 1:30                                       Fifth Session

Basic Economic Indicators and Criteria


      Chairman: Dr. Maher Al-Waked, Former General Director of the Industrial Development


  1. Basic Economic Indicators and Criteria (Productivity, Project Planning, Building Technological Capabilities, Cost Minimization)

         Dr. Walid Zakariya Siyam, President of the Accounting Department at the

                                                       Al-Hashimiyya University

  1. Basic Economic Indicators and Criteria

      (Research and Development, Marketing, Training)

         Dr. Ibrahim Harb, Director of Training, Jordanian Telecommunications


  1. Developing a Model to Improve the Performance and Competitiveness of Small and Medium-Size Industrial Companies  (Jordan:  Case Study)

         Dr. Muayyid Al-Samman, Former Deputy General Director of the Jordan Export

                                                       Development Corporation

  1. Jordanian National Industrial Policy

         Dr. Ahmad Al-Hindawi, Assistant Secretary General of the Ministry of Trade

                                                  and Industry


1:30 – 5:00                                              Break


5:00 – 7:30                                         Sixth Session

A Jordanian Strategy to Attract Investment and the Impact of that Strategy on the State and Society


Chairman:  Mr. Jawad Hadid, Minister of Planning

  1. Mr. Othman Bdair, Chairman of Amman Industry Chamber
  2. Dr. Hamad Al-Ghadeer, Dean of Student Affairs at the National Amman   


    3. Mr. Saleem Jadoun, President of the Association for the Owners of Companies,

                                         Clearing Offices, and Commodities Transport

    4. The Jordan Investment Board

Main Commintators: 

1. Dr. Saleh Khasawneh, Economics Proffessor, Former Minister : laboor Ministry.

2. Dr. Moh'd Saqer, Economics Proffessor, University of Jordan.

3. Dr. Abdullah Al-Taher, Economics Proffessor, University of Mu'atah.

4. Dr. Ya'aqub Sulieman, Economics Proffessor, University of Apllied Sciences.


7:30 – 8:00                                    Closing Session