Investment in Jordan: Opportunities and Prospects


Rapidly changing international economic trends have both increased the importance of investment in the economic development process as well as placed new challenges in the path of countries seeking to attract new investment.  This conference will explore the opportunities and prospects for investment in Jordan in light of these changing international trends.  The conference will contribute toward defining the national economic policies that may enable Jordan to confront the various economic challenges it faces.


Changing International Trends


1.      More open economies accompanied by the rapid increase in international trade.

2.      Increasing privatization with a reevaluation of the stateís role in economic activities.

3.      The removal of regulations impeding the international flow of capital.

4.      Rapid advancements in communications technology and production methods.

5.      Increasing international competition for investment.


Jordanís Place in Light of These Changing International Trends


Jordanís peculiar geographic position has ensured that it is strongly influenced by different regional and international developments.  To understand Jordanís economic needs it is thus incumbent to study how international economic changes and developments have affected the Jordanian economy.  With such an understanding, we can then outline a strategy that will enable Jordan to accommodate and take advantage of the new international economic trends.  This is especially important in light of Jordanís recent entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO), the signing of the Jordanian-European Union Partnership Agreement (JEUPA), the activation of the Inter-Arab Free Trade Agreement (IAFTA), the signing of the Free Trade Agreement with the United States, as well as the establishment of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone (ASEZ) and Industrial Qualifying Zones (IQZís) in various other parts of the Kingdom.


Conference Themes


  1. To explore the opportunities for investment in Jordan in light of international and Arab economic realities.
  2. To assess the prospects for new business opportunities in Jordan.
  3. To perform economic applications on different vital national sectors.


Conference Goals


  1. To clarify the investment opportunities in Jordan in light of current regional conditions, current international conditions, and Jordanís new and developing foreign economic relationships.
  2. To establish an understanding of the challenges facing the kind of investment in Jordan that will lead to real and lasting economic development.
  3. To derive a practical strategy to develop the investment situation in Jordan by crystallizing an objective, scientific vision of the relationship between the investment opportunities and challenges in the Kingdom.